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dApps, or decentralized apps, are applications built upon an existing blockchain. Like applications in the App Store, these apply to a wide variety of uses, from health care to asset management. Numerous entrepreneurs have found different use cases for blockchain and crypto, so dApps have become widely used for blockchain development projects.

Coinbase Temporarily Disables EOS

“The EOS network is currently experiencing degraded performance levels. EOS sends have been temporarily disabled and receives may be delayed. Buys and sells of...

“We Can Hard Fork in Inflation” in Bitcoin Says Peter Todd

Peter Todd, the chief proponent of 1MB bitcoin blocks, has called the 21 million bitcoin supply limit “practically a religion.” “21 million BTC is...

On The Incentives of ETH1 Developers to Sabotage Ethereum 2.0

A big upgrade of ethereum is at its final stages of development with the deposit contract being spruced up while single client testnets keep...

ETH1 Devs Risk Delaying Ethereum 2.0

How to attempt an eth2 delay in five steps: 1. Create a weird way of making a deposit. 2. Claim it’s a bug. 3....

Ethereum 2.0 Deposit Contract Might Be Ready By April

The Ethereum Foundation is working with Consensys and Co on the deposit contract User Interface (UI), an early version of which has previously been...

New Bitcoin Cash Client Launches

A new client for Bitcoin Cash has been launched to thunderous applause with it announced by an anonymous coder that goes by Freetrader who...

Ethereum Falls as DAI ETH Deposits Plunge

Ethereum has fallen by about 10% from $280 to $250, seemingly dragging other cryptos down with it after numerous Collateralized Debt Positions (CDP) were...

Press Release: How Blockchain And Cryptocurrencies Can Reduce Corruption

Blockchain technology has quickly become highly popular in the financial world, making it possible to transact with cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum,...

Press Release: Difference Between Digital Corporate & Commercial Banking

Comparative analysis of digitization impact among commercial and corporate banking  Digitization has brought a transformation in almost every business segment. However, it’s true that...

Tether Prints $60 Million

A freshly minted $60 million has just gotten out of the Tether presses hot out of the oven with it now put aside to...

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