“Mining” refers to a way of earning cryptocurrencies. A lot of cryptocurrencies are mined by solving complex algorithms and math problems, and “miners” are rewarded for solving them in tokens. However, it’s unknown how long mining will be considered a sustainable practice for two reasons; first, miner rewards for Bitcoin have dropped 50 percent every year; and, second, bitcoin mining requires the solving of complex math problems, which in turns means a lot of electricity-eating computer computations.

Bitcoin History Part 13: The First Mining Pool

The notion that anyone could solo mine bitcoin – on a CPU no less – seems positively quaint today. But in 2010, this method...

Crypto Spring Brings Strong Profits to Next-Generation and Older Mining Rigs

Over the last few weeks, cryptocurrency markets have been on a tear accumulating considerable gains following the notorious ‘crypto winter.’ Since the recent price...

Bitcoin is Dominating Crypto Taking Over 90% of All Mining Fees

When considering Bitcoin dominance in terms of market cap and trading volume, spare a thought for the poor miners. The miners of other altcoins,...

Québec Allocates 300 MW Energy Quota for Crypto Mining

Québec, the resource-rich Canadian province, has made up its mind about cryptocurrency mining. Régie de l’énergie, the region’s energy regulator, has rendered its decision...

Will Belarus Be the First Country With Nuclear-Powered Bitcoin Mining?

Cryptocurrency mining has lost some of its profitability during the prolonged bear market of the past year. However, not all investors are short-sighted. Belarus,...

These Next-Generation Mining Rigs Pack a Ton of Hashpower

Last week, mining manufacturer Bitmain launched its latest Antminer 17 series. Now Canaan Creative has published its own device specifications and pricing for the...

Facebook Goes Down as Bitcoin Continues Mining Blocks With 99.98% Uptime

Social media giant Facebook and its Instagram and Whatsapp platforms went down for a couple of hours highlighting the stability of Bitcoin and its...

Ethereum Proof of Stake Testnet Launches

The ethereum 2.0 development teams have managed to keep to their target of a Proof of Stake (PoS) testnet launch this March with Nimbus...

Russian Mining Giant to Tokenize Palladium

Russian mineral mining giant Nornickel reportedly plans to issue palladium-backed tokens Go to Source Author: Cointelegraph By Ana Alexandre

How a Large Cryptocurrency Mining Operation Is Handling the Current Market

Cryptocurrency miners of all sizes have been suffering from the bear market that has heavily depressed prices, causing some to abandon the field as...

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