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Blockchain news and projects and the related new in dapps and new blockchain.

Blockchain provides the ability to decentralize transactions while increasing security, and it seems as if there are new applications to the technology popping up every day — some related directly to cryptocurrency and some enhancing innovative solutions in creative industries. Other applications of blockchain are having greater social and environmental impact.

New Bitcoin Cash Client Launches

A new client for Bitcoin Cash has been launched to thunderous applause with it announced by an anonymous coder that goes by Freetrader who...

IOTA Holders Urged To Change Wallet Passwords Now

After releasing an update for their compromised Trinity wallet, the IOTA Foundation is directing users to change their passwords. More steps will soon be...

Ethereum Falls as DAI ETH Deposits Plunge

Ethereum has fallen by about 10% from $280 to $250, seemingly dragging other cryptos down with it after numerous Collateralized Debt Positions (CDP) were...

Upbit Continues to Freeze Crypto Withdrawals For Foreign Users

South Korean crypto exchange, Upbit, started to block withdrawals for its foreign users back in December 2019. Initially it was thought to be in...

Press Release: How Blockchain And Cryptocurrencies Can Reduce Corruption

Blockchain technology has quickly become highly popular in the financial world, making it possible to transact with cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum,...

Tether Slashes 30% Off TRON-USDT, Moves Coins to Ethereum Network

A series of large-scale transactions confused the markets today, after a unusual movement of 300M USDT tokens took place.  Tether and Binance Cooperated on the...

1.17M Bitcoin Addresses Will Be in the Red if BTC Breaks This Level

Recent data by IntoTheBlock shows a crash to $9,000 could potentially send 1.17 million Bitcoin (BTC) addresses below the profit line.   Still A Lot of...

Press Release: Difference Between Digital Corporate & Commercial Banking

Comparative analysis of digitization impact among commercial and corporate banking  Digitization has brought a transformation in almost every business segment. However, it’s true that...

Craig Wright To Face Hot-Shot New York Lawyer In Kleiman Case

Ira Kleiman’s legal representation filed a new document today, calling for a New York lawyer to be allowed to act as co-counsel for Kleiman...

Tim Draper Invests $1 Million into ‘Digital Court’ Blockchain Project

Billionaire investor Tim Draper has invested a million dollars in Aragon, a blockchain-based startup aiming to facilitate the creation and management of DAOs, and...

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