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Like Bitcoin and Litecoin, Ethereum is considered a significant cryptocurrency. Bankrate describes Ethereum as a “world computer”; this is because Ethereum is a foundational blockchain system that other blockchain developers can use to build new cryptocurrencies. The process of using existing blockchain technology and building on top of it is similar to how mobile developers build apps on the App Store platform.

In the blockchain world, these technologies built on top of foundational blockchain systems are known as dApps.

Millennials, Boomers, Zoomers, Bitcoin, Stocks, Ethereum?

A significant rise in bitcoin purchases at Square’s Cash App, which targets millennials, is making some wonder if there’s a generational trend and just...

Ethereum Fork to Give Free ATH, Meet AVA

“We need to show to the world that this area can overtake Wall Street and move it to a better foundation. It can overtake...

“We Need Another Two Weeks” For Ethereum 2.0 Testnet Says Dev

The long anticipated launch of the ethereum 2.0 public testnet is not expected for at least another two weeks according to Danny Ryan, the...

IDEX Claims Creation of ‘Infinite Scaling Solution for Ethereum’

Decentralized exchange IDEX announced an “infinite scaling solution” for Ethereum Go to Source Author: Cointelegraph By Adrian Zmudzinski

Tezos Jumps 25% on Coinbase Staking, Ethereum Next?

Tezos has spiked to a recent high of $1.90 from about $1 to currently settle at around $1.23. That’s after Coinbase announced its US...

Ethereum’s Ratio Rises Against Bitcoin

Ethereum has been rising against bitcoin recently, up from around ₿0.018 at the end of last month to a recent high of ₿0.0206. Currently...

Æternity Releases Final Hard Fork Software to Compete with Ethereum

Lima, the final Æternity hard fork, has been released by the platform’s core development team Go to Source Author: Cointelegraph By Adrian Zmudzinski

Ethereum to Increase the Blocksize by 8x

Ethereum is partially addressing the many complexities of sharding by simply increasing the blocksize from the equivalent of about 1MB every ten minutes, to...

Blockchain Not Bitcoin Says China While Launching Lessons on Bitcoin and Ethereum

China’s Communist Party is apparently cautioning its people to not confuse the blockchain with bitcoin. “Bitcoin is only an application of blockchain, and it...

Lighthouse Almost “Feature Complete” For Ethereum 2.0 Mainnet Launch

Lighthouse, one of the more prominent ethereum 2.0 client is almost feature complete according to a recent statement. They say the only thing left...

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