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Like Bitcoin and Litecoin, Ethereum is considered a significant cryptocurrency. Bankrate describes Ethereum as a “world computer”; this is because Ethereum is a foundational blockchain system that other blockchain developers can use to build new cryptocurrencies. The process of using existing blockchain technology and building on top of it is similar to how mobile developers build apps on the App Store platform.

In the blockchain world, these technologies built on top of foundational blockchain systems are known as dApps.

22,000 Validators Now Rolling on the Ethereum 2.0 Client Testnet

Ethereum 2.0 single client testnets have been running for weeks with restarts and the like, but now they seem to have reached a more...

Ethereum 2.0 Testnet Awaits The Final Version Release

The ethereum 2.0 multi-client testnet is just one version release away from launching according to Danny Ryan, the ETH 2.0 coordinator. In a public...

Gavin Andresen Pivots to Ethereum

Gavin Andresen (pictured on the right), one of the earliest bitcoin developer and one of very few who communicated by email with Satoshi Nakamoto,...

Ethereum, Tron and EOS Control 98% of All Dapp Volume

2019 was a good year for dapps and a particularly good one for Tron and Ethereum. That’s the upshot of Dapp Review’s new report...

Ethereum Falls as Hardfork Increases Inflation by 30%

Ethereum’s price has turned downwards today just hours after a controversial hardfork changed issuance by reducing block-times. Eth’s price fell by 7% from around...

Ethereum’s DAI Now Pays 10x More in Interest Than a Bank Savings Account

We are being fleeced by the vampire squids on Wall Street, but perhaps not for much longer if the new world of blockchain based...

Is Everyone Prepared for Ethereum’s January 1 Hard Fork?

Ethereum (ETH) has chosen the year’s most inactive day to perform a hard fork. On January 1, the Muir Glacier hard fork, as it...

Is Ethereum Going to Crash By Year End?

Ethereum has had a pretty miserable 2019. Things could get worse before the year is out though as the asset gets dumped on exchanges...

Ethereum Co-Founder Sells 90,000 ETH

Jeffrey Wilcke (pictured right), an ethereum developer and one of the founding team, has sent 92,000 eth ($11.5 million) to Kraken on Christmas day....

Ethereum Co-Founder Reportedly Sells 90k ETH To U.S. Cryptocurrency Exchange

Sources show that Ethereum co-founder sells 90k ETH to Kraken Go to Source Author: Cointelegraph By Rachel Wolfson

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