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Like Bitcoin and Litecoin, Ethereum is considered a significant cryptocurrency. Bankrate describes Ethereum as a “world computer”; this is because Ethereum is a foundational blockchain system that other blockchain developers can use to build new cryptocurrencies. The process of using existing blockchain technology and building on top of it is similar to how mobile developers build apps on the App Store platform.

In the blockchain world, these technologies built on top of foundational blockchain systems are known as dApps.

Ethereum Founder Tells Bitcoin Dev: BTC Wasn’t Always ‘Digital Gold’

Ethereum founder, Vitalik Buterin, got into a Twitter spat with a Bitcoin developer when he told him the Bitcoin narrative had changed from ‘P2P...

Ethereum 2.0 Spec Launches

Ethereum 2.0 client developers are now working on implementing the latest spec that has been published following an audit. Danny Ryan, the ethereum 2.0...

Why Ethereum Should Go Mobile

How mobile crypto apps will transform access to transacting in the world economy Go to Source Author: Cointelegraph By Kosala Hemachandra

Coronavirus Infects 2 More Ethereum Event Attendees

The Ethereum Community Conference (EthCC) held in Paris on March 3-5 turned out to be a hot spot for COVID-19 transmission. Eighteen of a...

Ethereum Community Enthralled Over Controversial ProgPoW Proposal

The Ethereum community has been debating a proposal called ProgPoW as many ETH proponents believe the Programmatic Proof-of-Work function will alter the network significantly....

CryptoKitties’ Dieter Shirley on Breaking Ethereum and NFTs

Dieter Shirley shares his thoughts on ETH 2.0, the lessons learned from CryptoKitties, and NFTs Go to Source Author: Cointelegraph By Samuel Haig

Ethereum 2.0 Dev Syncs Prysm with Lighthouse in a “Step Closer to Multi-Client Testnet”

“Finally connected with some lighthouse peers… got blocks from a lighthouse node.” So says Nishant Das, a coder for the ethereum 2.0 client from...

Ethereum is Outperforming the Market Today, Here’s Why

A vast majority of the crypto market has been in a slump for the past 24 hours, but Ethereum stands apart as the lone...

The History of the Bitter Debate Over Ethereum’s ProgPoW

The ProgPoW controversy pits two factions against each other — the builders of Ethereum vs. the builders on Ethereum Go to Source Author: Cointelegraph By Andrey...

Biggest Ethereum Holders Enter New Accumulation Stage

The biggest Ethereum wallets are getting refilled, signaling a new accumulation phase. Stakeholders may refrain from selling ETH ahead of the opportunity to stake...

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